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Mellon 7’s – John Yull

For our next Mellon 7’s interview we have no other than a flatland legend, now from Austin, Texas, John Yull. At 42, John is still riding his bike each and everyday, so no excuses guys. Even if you are an older guy who is just getting into the game, just ride and have fun with out, don’t bother what other thinks. Find answers after the jump.

1. Name, Location, Sponsors.
John Yull, Austin, Texas via sutton-in-Ashfield England.
Tempest Brand and Empire BMX.
2. The best place to ride.
The OG in Austin, Texas.
3. What do you think about BMX community?
The flatland community is so much smaller than the rest of BMX we all get along and support each other. Well most the time!
4. What was your worst injury on or off your bike?
Once me and Jamie Bestwick stole a pallet truck to move a quarter pipe. After it was moved we used it to haul ass down a grass hill with as many of us on it as we could fit I was steering it when we hit the bottom of the hill it dug in and my foot went under and broke all my toes. Not my worst injury but my best story!
5. Tell a joke for kids.
How do you make a tissue dance? put a little buggie in it……
6. What is your opinion about mellonBMX and online BMX contests?
I think what Mellon does with the whole online contest thing is amazing. Everyone loves contests!
7. Who would you like to thank?
Empire BMX, Tempest Brand, everyone at the OG, my wife Jessie & my kids Stella & Lucas. Your never too old to ride, at 42 I’m riding everyday so don’t make excuses kids!!



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