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Mellon 7’s – Kevin Robinson

It’s Thursday and it is time for our Mellon 7’s quick interview. This week we got the one and only Kevin Robinson. After the jump you will find how many sponsors K-Rob has, how many injuries he suffered (and 43 surgeries he had? are you kidding me, thats a lot), a joke about the skateboarders and more.

1. Name, Location, Sponsors.
Kevin (K-Rob) Robinson, Rhode Island.
Hoffman Bikes, Red Bull, Target, Woodward, Deft Gloves, Grindz, Heal Clothing, Punch Kettlebell Gym, Oasis Medical Center, K-Rob Foundation, Junior Seau Foundation.
2. The best place to ride.
Woodward East & West, Rye Airfield, Skaters Edge.
3. What do you think about BMX community?
I try not too. I just do my own thing & keep it positive. I think there is WAY to much negativity. We chose to ride BMX because we didn’t want to conform to curtain ways to dress, act, etc… It’s become just that. Bike has to be a curtain way, can’t wear pads, have to do curtain tricks. It’s become exactly what we were against, Jock mentality! Social media is the worse for it. Riders hiding behind a screen ripping down other riders. Our sport is so small, we can’t afford to have conflict within our own peers. It’s simple, GROW UP!
4. What was your worst injury on or off your bike?
Shattered pelvis, right shoulder, left & right ankle, left & right knees, left & right wrists, left and right elbows, left shoulder, right hip, all head injuries, and the 43 surgeries I’ve had. It’s all bad because it keeps me off my bike.
5. Tell a joke for kids.
How many skaters does it take to screw in a lightbulb? 1, just takes 100 tries
6. What is your opinion about mellonBMX and online BMX contests?
As long as it stays positive I’m a fan!!
7. Who would you like to thank?
All my sponsors, most of all my Wife & 3 kids, my parents & family, Steve Swope, David Chao, Gary Ream & the rest of my true friends, the City of East Providence RI, Rye Airfield



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