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Mellon 7’s – Troy Charlesworth

Originally Sydney, Australia based rider, but now resident of Brisbane, Troy Charlesworth aka Big Salad is the next guy in our Mellon 7’s section. Click read more and read the quick interview. The injury he took some time ago sounds really painful.

1. Name, Location, Sponsors.
Troy Charlesworth from Sydney, Australia currently reside in Brisbane, Australia.
Ride for The Set, Demolition Parts (though BMX Militia) Quintin hats and Lux BMX Store.
2. The best place to ride.
If I’m with the Deadly crew and everyone’s yelling loud and hyped Doesn’t really matter.
3. What do you think about BMX community?
It’s aiiiight Australia’s pretty deadly.
4. What was your worst injury on or off your bike?
My worst would have to be when I broke my ankle first time over in America. I looped out over a hip at the YMCA park in Vegas and then flew home two months latter hoped back on my bike to only rebreak it again a week latter of riding, that fucked me up and played on me for a year or so. Didn’t really ride That much, but I’m over all that now and rolling Staying Deadly.
5. Tell a joke for kids.
Did you hear about the fire in the circus? It was intents. Stay Deadly bust joots.
6. What is your opinion about mellonBMX and online BMX contests?
Mellon’s dope, and I always like watching kids go in for a contest.
7. Who would you like to thank?
Lux BMX, The Set, Demolition parts (BMX Militia), Quintin HATS, Stay Deadly crew, Focal Point crew, NYRM crew and everyone I ride with Stay Deadly.



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