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Mellon Bike Checks – Peta Shepherd

Colony rider Peta Shepherd from Brisbane, Australia took a little of her time to show us the bike that she is currently riding. Check her bike, built mostly out of Colony parts, and a quick interview, about here favorite part, what is she doing to stay fit and more after the jump.

Frame: 2013 Colony Miner 20.75
Forks: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Bullbars
Stem: Colony Official
Break lever: Colony Transformer
Grips: Colony Much room
Hubs: Colony Clone, female axles
Rims: Colony Contour
Tyres: Colony Agenda
Pegs: Colony One way
Seat: Colony Shield fat seat post combo
Cranks: Colony Colonial
Pedals: Colony Fantastic plastic
Spocket: Colony 28t CC
Chain: Cult full link
Brakes: Colony Transformer

Have you ever thought about riding 4 pegs?
Nah, I’m not street enough for that, haha.

Which is your favorite part on your bike?
The whole thing lol. Umm, probably the frame or pedals love them so much.

One not bike related. While not riding your bike, do you go to gym or do you do any other trainings to stay fit?
Not right now, tho I do like to do gym just to keep fit.



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