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Mellon Bike Checks – Romans Gorovojs

Here is an exclusive bike check we have for you guys from Scuffwheels’ and Tempest Brand’s 25 year old shredder Romans Gorovojas. After the jump you will find closeups, parts list and a Q&A about his riding and bike. Dude likes going fast, so watch out.

Name / Age / Location / Sponsors
Romans Gorovojs / 25 / Corby, UK (previously Latvia) / Scuffwheels, Tempest Brand

Give us a brief history of why you started riding?
I started to ride in 2002 when i saw Xgames on TV and I enjoyed every second on my bikes since.

Define your riding style?
I love going faster, higher and bigger.

Roman’s Bike parts list:
Frame – TotalBMX Kaya 21
Forks – Odyssey R32
Bars – Stereo Hard Rock 9 rise 30 wide
Grips – ODI Staystrong
Stem – Cult Salvation Top load
Gyro – Impurity
Headset – Alone
Hubs – Profile Elites
Rims – GSport Rollcage
Tyres – WTP Grippin
Seat post – Macneil
Seat – Fatality fat
Cranks – United Nash 175
Pedals – Shadow Ravager
Sprocket – Superstar 30 tooth
Chain – Shadow
Brakes – Shadow Sano
Brake – lever odyssey m2
Pegs – None

Any special modifications?
I’ve put a barend in my forks to make footjams easier and a piece of tyre in between my sprocket and frame to stop my cranks spinning during whips.

Tell us about your frame, what was your last frame and how does it compare?
I was riding a Volume mystery machine 21, it was good frame but it felt a bit too small and was pretty heavy as well. Ive got a Total Kaya 21 now and it is light as hell and the geometry is perfect for me.

Whats your most replaced part?
My most replaced part is my bars and grips, i change them every couple of months.

Who would you like to thank?
I would like to thank Alex and Dave at Scuffwheels, Adam and Caroline at Tempest, Joe Roofe for hooking me up with Impurity Gyro, Kane Hennessy for sorting me out with a fatality seat and my parents for the support.



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  1. Good Luck Romans !!! 🙂

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