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Mellon Bike Checks – Ryan Sher

This is the first time for Mellon to have a bike check up. It is in my honor to show you Ryan Sher’s current black Subrosa beast that features two prototype products, Hoang Tran’s signature Villicus forks and bars with the new Shadow Trey Jones signature 138 grips that will be available soon. Go, check the parts list and photos of the bike after the jump.
There will also be an interview for mellon 7’s up with Ryan later this week, so stay tuned…

Frame – Subrosa Pandora DTT
Fork – Subrosa Villicus Hoang Tran Signature (Prototype)
Bars – Subrosa Villicus Hoang Tran Signature (Prototype)
Stem – Subrosa Hold-On (Top Load)
Headset – Sputnic
Grips – Shadow Conspiracy 138 Trey Jones Signature
Bar Ends – Subrosa
Seat – Shadow Conspiracy Ryan Sher Penumbra (Go get it)
Cranks – Subrosa Bitchin’
Bottom Bracket – Subrosa Bitchin’
Sprocket – Shadow Conspiracy Ravager 25t
Pedals – Shadow Ravager
Chain – Shadow Conspiracy Interlock V2 (The original and the strongest half-link available. Stop running poor imitations)
Front Wheel – Shadow Conspiracy Stun
Front Tire – Subrosa Grave Digger 20 x 2.35
Rear Wheel – Shadow Conspiracy Stun
Rear Tire – Shadow Conspiracy Undertaker 20 x 2.25
Pegs – Shadow Conspiracy Lil Ones
Hub Gaurds – Shadow Conspiracy

Custom Shadow Conspiracy Hollow Stem Bolts, Shadow Conspiracy custom axle studs, Shadow Conspiracy Vultus Fork Cap.



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