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Mellon Bike Checks – Shawn McIntosh

It is time for a bike check. For all you guys we got Shawn McIntosh’s current Fit Mac whip with his signature Fit frame, bar, grips and metal pedals. Along with that Shitty also answered on three questions for us.
Check parts list, photos and read interview after the jump.
Who is doing yoga today?

Frame: Fit Mac 21.125″
Bar: Fit Mac
Forks: Fit Blade 2
Stem: Primo Aneyerlator
Grips: Fit Mac
Headset: Primo
Seat: Fit Barstool
Seat Post: Fit Pivotal
Seat Clamp: Integrated
Cranks: Fit
Pedals: Fit Mac metal pedals
Rims (Front / Rear): Primo / Primo
Hubs (Front / Rear): Primo / Primo
Tires (Front / Rear): Fit Faf-K 2.25 / Fit Faf-K 2.25
Chain: Shadow half-link
Pegs: Fit O.G.

Have you ever thought about riding 4 pegs?
It sure is very popular these days. I’m not opposed to it, it just feels weird for me to get used to em, I’ve tried 4 pegs but my foot hits the back and its just scary to me for 180s and stuff… But who knows maybe down the road…

Which is your favorite part on your bike?
The seat!!! Gotta love a nice cushy seat to relax on when your cruisin.

One not bike related. While not riding your bike, do you go to gym or do you do any other trainings to stay fit?
Yea I go to yoga every once in a while… I try to just do all my normal stretches every day, but now I don’t go to the gym and lift or anything like that. Just stretch and sit ups, and pull ups, and push ups. Or just cruise around and bunny hop stuff, thats a good work out.

Thanks for taking your time!
Thanks for having me, hope you guys enjoyed!!



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