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Mellon Bike Checks – Zack Gerber

Last week we got Zack Gerber answering on our quick seven questions for our Mellon 7’s section and this week we are here, showing you his current whip along with 3 questions long interview. Check his parts list, more bike photos and read the interview after the jump.

Frame: Redline G6 21″
Forks: Redline G6
Front Hub: Primo N4FL
Front Rim: Snafu Kashiwa
Front Tire: Cult Dehart
Front Pegs: Shadow Lil’ Ones
Back Hub: Profile Mini w/ both side hub guards
Back Rim: Snafu Inglewood
Back Tire: Cult Dehart
Back Pegs: Shadow Lil’ Ones
Sprocket: Snafu Ola
Cranks: Snafu Mayweather
Pedals: Odyssey PC
Chain: Shadow Half Link
Seat: Fiend
Seat Post: Something old
Bars: Fit Mac
Grips: ODI Longneck
Stem: Primo A-neyer-lator
*I have a set of Butcher pegs I put on. I go back and forth between steel and plastics.

What made you put all 4 pegs on your bike?
When I first started riding, Butcher and Vic Ayala were my favorite riders, so of course I had 4 pegs on. Over the years my styles have changed but I’m now reverting to what I knew first. Plus, it’s a lot more fun. More options.

Which is your favorite part on your bike?
It’s a toss up between my stem, sprocket, and hubs. Basically anything that is created in a CNC machine is really cool to me. The craftsmanship that goes into each piece gives them a personality and uniqueness that I find interesting.

One not bike related. While not riding your bike, do you go to gym or do you do any other trainings to stay fit?
I don’t currently. Thinking about it, but nah.



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