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Mellon BMX: Tricktionary Friday – Luc-e

Yep, we know, it’s has been a while since our last episode of Tricktionary Friday dropped, but we are now back with a fresh one for you guys. This one was actually made by request, so here it is, the Luc-e grind and one combo at the end. Go out, learn the trick and have fun with, there are million possibilities with it. Enjoy.

We started Tricktionary to show future generations and all others who are already riding BMX a better view on the trick and the difference between regular and opposite. Tricktionary is not a How-To but, but of course, that doesn’t mean that you won’t learn from it. Each week we will try to make a new clip to fill the Tricktionary pages until it is full or we won’t be able to make any other.



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  1. Hud. Hud :).

    Ej, ker komad je uporabljen v videu?


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