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Mellon Video Review: Amity – Teide

Just got a free copy of Amity’s latest and also first video called “Teide”.
Review after the jump.

Back in January of 2012 Amity rent an apartment in Tenerife for three months in the city of Puerto de la Cruz. The idea was to bring their team riders to the city to escape the cold European winter days to film for their first full length video. Tammy McCarley, Bob Manchester, Santoo, Jeff Wescott, Cam Hardy, Ty Hardy, Louis Morris, Damo Wilkinson and Luke Brocklebank were all there exploring the city, riding, filming and shooting photos, relaxing and of course having a lot of fun (I think when you are living with Santoo in the same apartment and spending whole days with him you stomach hurts all the time, but not because of so much alcohol drank or because you ate some bad food, but because you are laughing all the freaking time).

The video is not made section by section, all the clips from riders are mixed together along with some fun stuff in between to make it better and funnier. Riding is mostly street and park but in the bonus section you will also see a run on the racing track. Oh and I almost forget about the fun sofa/car riding.

Riders went crazy, some with more tech stuff and some with huge gaps and transfers, but overall it’s a mix of everything, from insane rail rides and nose manuals to some sick wallride transfers and 180 gaps over rails.
What I think is missed in a lot of videos is an awesome bonus section to get a proper ending of the video. Well this guys sure didn’t forgot about that. I think it is best that you saw it for yourself because revealing all the stuff will make it pointless to watch and I am sure you won’t laugh as much as I do.

Now grab yourself a copy, if you didn’t already, and watch this 30 minutes long very well filmed and put together video from Amity shredders.
Filmed by Sam Barrow and Jeff Wescott and edited by Sam Barrow. Additional filming by Cam Hardy, Tammy McCarley, Adrien Santoluca and Bob Manchester.



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