Mellon Video Review: United – DownTime

On Wednesday, December 14th, I was at the premiere of the new United “DownTime” DVD here in Slovenia, that was hosted by a really good friend of mine, Luka Kovic from Evolution BMX. My expectations were really high, because when I first saw the trailer I just knew that it is going to be awesome. After watching it, all my expectations were satisfied. Now let’s get to the video.

United rented a small vacation apartment in Huntington Beach between mid January and the end of June. During this time United’s pro, am and world team riders flew out to enjoy the beautiful life of California and shoot the movie in between.
The video features Nathan Williams, Ryan Lloyd, Corey Martinez, Alex Valentino, Ashley Charles, Ryan Metro, Luke Peeters, Geoff Slattery, Roy Van Kempen, Dan Boiski, Jimmy Rushmore, Christian Rigal, Kye Forte, Leo Forte and Dean Hearne.
You will not find full sections in the video, but it’s a mix of everything captured in this 22 minutes which makes it more chill and enjoyable to watch. The riding is mostly street, with some trails and park riding also.
All the riders have a few bangers but for me, three riders stood out: Nathan Williams, Corey Martinez and Christian Rigal. I will not say what tricks they pulled because I don’t want to ruin anything for you, all I can say is that they did some amazing tricks and lines and I am absolutely sure you are going to love it.

The last part of the video features some tricks that went wrong and unfortunate crashes, along with some bonus clips and Ryan Metro trying a ridiculous kinked rail.
Most of the video was filmed by Christian Rigal and it was edited by James Cox. The filming and editing is clean and goes really well with the music.
Bands that you’ll hear in the video are Wyla, Moon Duo, Baby Woodrose, Tame Impala, Modern English and Au Revoir Simone.

For all you who didn’t buy the fifth issue of The Albion magazine I really recommend getting a copy because you will get the DVD for free along with the mag, otherwise wait until it gets online.

United: Downtime Dvd Trailer. from Channel 4Down on Vimeo.



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