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Minority – House Of Vans Jam 2012

Guys over at Minority made a really good job by capturing some of the clips from the House of Vans Jam 2012 that recently went down.

“The House of Vans was jam packed with riders of all ages from all around the tri-state area. When the doors opened, all hell broke loose! It was bananas in there! Maybe the city should donate a indoor skatepark (hint, hint). Alongside the chaos, were able to snag a few clips of Alberto, Danny and Pablo killing it inside the warehouse and out back during the second and last session (8-10pm). The rail jam was bugged, the locals destroyed it with everything from derek dusters to rail rides, We caught a clip of one rider blessin the rail with a kickflip to 50/50. While the rail jam was taking place, we shot some clips on the ledges located to the steps. Pablo threw down on those ledges with a few others. Starring Alberto Ramos, Daniel Dejesus and Pablo Nunez and some random clips of some badass local shredding for a cash prize Cult and Vans had brewing, enjoy.”Minority Bikes.



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