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Monster Army Recon Tour West Coast Round 1

Highlights from the first stop of the West Coast Monster Army Recon Tour, that went down at the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Bike & Skate Park. Kids went crazy.
“The first stop of the West Coast Monster Army Recon Tour presented by Replay XD was amazing, We kicked things off here in the West at the Mission Valley YMCA Krause Family Skate & Bike park. Kids were pouring in from all over California, Nevada, Arizona and even a couple from the East Coast. Ryan Guettler was on the Mic and the kids were throwing massive tricks all day trying to impress the judges. The sponsors were keeping the energy alive in the vendor area by blasting tunes and grilling food all day. All of the divisions had an extreme amount of talent and the Play Open division was stacked with competition. Rounding out the top five was Parker Heath, Derek Kenny, Wesley Hark, Declan Brooks and Ross Lanier. Ross earned the first place position and the all expensive paid trip to Mike Spinner’s backyard by putting togehter a run that was filled with high intensity and huge back to back tricks.
Special thanks to our tour partner Monster Army, Hookit, Replay XD, A3, Vans, YRyderz, Madcatz, Pro-Tec, Movietickets, Hyper BMX, Mike Spinner, Ryan Guettler, Fat Tony and Charlie and Laszlo from YMCA.
Play Open
1. Ross Lanier
2. Declan Brooks
3. Wesley Hark

1. Brad Thomas
2. Tyler Vosburgh
3. Tyler Thompson

1. Paul Shariff
2. Emmet Thomas
3. Antonio Chavez

12 and under
1. Kaden Stone
2. Andrew Casaret
3. Jacob Blais”



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