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Morgann Lahaie Bike Check

Morgann Lahaie recently joined the Foundation team and will be representing them in the States, where is living now for a year. After the welcome to the team edit, it is now time for a bike check. Check the parts list after the jump.

Frame: Sputnic Skyline 21.25″
Forks: Sputnic Spectrum
Bars: Tsc Vultus 9.5?
Crankset: Foundation Subprime
Pegs: Foundation Molotov
Seat: Foundation Subquarter Slim
Tires: Duo Stunner LO 2.25
Grips: Duo Martinez
Wheels: Tsc with Eclat rims
Pedals: premium
Chain: Tsc
Sprocket: Mutiny Ethernal



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