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Your Music At The 2011 Rebel Jam?

From Woozy youtube:
“LET US KNOW IN THE COMMENTS! WE WILL PLAY IT AT REBELJAM! 2-4 dec. 2011 – eindhoven – holland! BE THERE!!! Music was our first love, wasn’t it?! We all love music and we think that music is a pretty important thing in BMX and especially during a BMX Contest. Everybody has at least one favorite section from an epic BMX Video and not only the riders appreciate a good tune during their run, also the crowd goes nuts with the right set of songs! Just imagine Van Homan would ride to ‘Diary of a Mad Man’ from his legendary Criminal Mischief Video Part! That’s why we want to work together with you to get the best playlist ever for the 2011 VANSrebeljam! We teamed up with to get your favorite songs. We will run some kind a facebook survey and it works super easy — drop your favorite song and artist in the comments on facebook and we will collect all the suggestions and your favortie song will probably be played during the VANSrebeljam! Head over to the VANSrebeljam or Woozybmx facebook and drop your favorite song in the comments!”.



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