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NASS 2013 Qualifying Highlights And Results

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Highlights from the NASS 2013 qualifying that went down last night, brough to you the Ride UK. The riding that went down is on an extremely high level. Massive airs, double backflips, style, technical moves, big fufanus and much more. Mike Curley, Matt Priest, Todd Meyn, Brandon Loupos, Tom Justice and many more went insane. Read more and check who got to the finals.

Brandon Loupos
Mike Curley
Alex Coleborn
Logan Martin
Dean Cueson
Tom Justice
Todd Meyn
Brock Horneman
Ryan Taylor
Greg Illingworth
Anthony McGuirk
Jack Watts
Jack Clark
Tom Isted
Jambul Giles
Matt Priest
Karl Walker
Angus Gough
Josh Webber
Ollie Palmer
Vinnie Mayne
Francis Wright
Joe Roofe
Del Sheppard
Matt Sheppard
Craig Stevens
Lima Eltham
Dan Harris
Sam Cunningham
James Bentley
Ryan Elcock
Daniel Juchatz
James Jones
Chris Czako
George Breager
Will Taylor
Ashley Finaly
Jamie Girven
James Curnock
Mike King
Billy Purcell
Joe Cox
Dave Pepperell
Mike Hughes



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