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Native “Thunder” Fork Prototypes

“So, these just rolled in from Solid Bikes. Today was a treat for me… I, as most people do not know, started Native in early 2009. I started it as a project for Underground products and a fork was the first thing i designed. I had a closed drop out fork and a design for a normal closed drop out fork along with an adjustable rake closed drop out fork but i guess my big mouth gave some ideas away before i could make the plan go from paper to real life. Underground completely crashed toward the end of 2009 and I took on Native as my project. Since early 2009 many companies have dabbled in closed drop outs and also in adjustable rake forks but after almost three years and a lot of kinks in the road I hold in my hand the Native fork samples. It has been a long road but we are here. These forks feature our laser cut custom designed drop out(pictured), a 100% machined steerer tube, and happen to be the first production fork that will be available with a Zodiac compression bolt right out of the box! Thats right, a solid/american/hand made/ beef cake of a fork. In testing as we speak and will be available in limited runs. Check them out!”– Native.



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