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Nick Seabasty Off Cult

Guys over at the Weareorangejuice have an interview up on their site with Nick Seabasty, where you will find that hehas parted ways with his sponsor Cult.
“Yeah, after 3 years of being part of CULT I’ve decided to leave on good terms. While certain pieces and people clicked others didn’t, I still have love for everyone who’s part of it, just feels like we were starting to drift in two different directions and it’s hard to attach your name to a brand that you’re drifting from while still having fun riding and being motivated. I never want to look at riding in a way where I’m not comfortable or having fun with it. But Robbie’s been there for me through a lot the past few years and I thank him for everything he’s done, I’ll always have love for him and have his back for that!”



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