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Nigel Sylvester Demo Stop, Fla.

“Nigel Sylvester gets around. Last weekend, he visited shops in Florida and Southern California to perform demos, meet locals, sign autographs and get people stoked on BMX. Nigel then returned to the NYC area, and visited Jersey City, N.J. to ride with Edwin De La Rosa, Tyrone Williams, Ralphy and Jack Maddock last week. After their session, they had to wait a few minutes after 6:30 p.m. to get their bikes back on the train to NYC, and I ran into them when I got off the train. Because I was carrying a Nigel Sylvester Gatorade bottle with me, the moment turned out to be somewhat surreal. We all laughed, those guys got on the train, and the next morning, Brett Rohlfing turned in the above video. Nigel gets around.”– Brian Tunney, ESPN



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