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Nigel Sylvester And Pharrell – The Brooklyn Machine Works Bikes

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Something big happened at the MTV Video Music Awards 2013, especially for Nigel Sylvester and the whole BMX community. Nigel found himself on a red carpet with Pharrell and the rest of his Brooklyn (Tyrone Williams, Raplhy Ramos, Oba Stanley, Marlon Europe, Mike Hoder and others) crew to “announce” the new bike company he started, the Brooklyn Machine Works. After leaving Mirraco over a year ago, Nigel has been really busy doing his own stuff and now it is all revealed. As Ralph Sinisi, Animal Bikes founder and CEO, sad, Brooklyn Machine Works will be a bike company producing complete BMX bikes, so this does not mean Nigel will be leaving Animal, opposite, Nigel will try to bring Animal parts to the complete bikes and with this trying to make a very quality bikes (I hope).
This is the first step from this new bike company, stay tuned for more informations and maybe also some sample photos of the bikes.



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