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Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam

Nike 6.0 Tunnel Jam from Urb-Orbis on Vimeo.

Check out what happens when you put all these teams together in Nike 6.0’s Tunnel. Featuring Wethepeople (Farren Downes, Chester Blacksmith, Sam Lowe, Tobias Wicke), Nike 6.0 (Jason Phelan, Michael Beran, Kriss Kyle, Paul Ryan), DK Bicycles (Brett Banasiewicz, Anthony Watkinson, Drew Bezanson, Josh Cox), Fly Bikes (Kevin Kalkhoff, Stefan Lantschner, Daniel Panafiel, Dylan Smith), Federal (Dan Lacey, Max Vincent, Mark Love, Ty Morrow), Nike 6.0 Global (Maxime Charveron, Bjorn Mager, Dennis Enarson, Garrett Reynolds), Proper (Joris Coloumb, Mike Miller, Shane Relder, Gac Shortall), Fit Bike Co (Owain Clegg, Perry Petermuller, Van Homan, Justin Inman), United (Kye Forte, Geoff Slattery, Luke Peters, Leo Forte) and Hoffman Bikes (Ben Hennon, Seth Kimbrough, Sebastian Keep, Zack Williams)



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