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Nike BMX Crew Destroying Streets Of Buenos Aires, Argentina

Nike BMX crew, consisting of Garrett Reynolds, Chad Kerley, Dennis Enarson, Kriss Kyle and Nigely Sylvester, hit up streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They actually did not just hit the streets, they hit them and completely destroyed them and murdered every single spot. It is an amazing place Buenos Aires, lot of sick street spots and with a crew like Nike BMX has, only insane things went down. I really can not decide who stand out the most, because every rider has his own, original and very creative style of riding. Some of them had a few more clips, but that does not mean they are instantly the highlights. I can say that Chad Kerley and Garrett Reynolds are nailing insane combos after combos. I can also say that Kriss Kyle is the master of street style flairs. Nigel bombs crazy grinds and shows us his high pop. And Dennis Enarson… I think it is just enough to say he goes really massive for the banger. Overall, all five of them came out incredible and please, do me a favor and do not miss this video. You will really, Really enjoy it. Now seat back, relax and enjoy the stunts. Filmed and edited by Ryan Navazio.

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