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Get To Know NYC’s Pablo Nunez

“Pablo Nunez is a New York City transplant hailing from the Dominican Republic. He started riding about three years ago after seeing some “guys jumping on bikes at Mullaly” [Skatepark] in the Bronx. Along the way, Pablo’s riding introduced him to NYC BMX luminaries such as Tyrone Williams and Ralphy Ramos, and eventually, Pablo became one of the first members of the newly re-emerging BASE Brooklyn team.
I kept hearing about how rad this kid Pablo from the Bronx is so when I was in New York I had to meet him. After hanging out with Pablo for a day I can tell you I wasn’t disappointed. Pablo is young, highly skilled on a bike, and an extremely genuine. I’m excited that BASE started hooking him up so that the rest of the world will get a little more familiar with a kid I consider a friend after only two days.
Pablo rides Mullaly Skatepark on a daily basis and it’s paid off. And while he destroys even the most beat up ramp set ups daily, he also manages some pretty impressive moves on street.”
– Aaron Nardi, ESPN



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