Online Contests Postponed

Hey Guys!
I was thinking about this decision for several months now and it is today they I finally decided what to do with our online contests. It is hard to believe that that almost no riders out there are really in need for some free money. I know I will be entering these kind of contests every single month, if there were any back in the day. We all need money and why not earn it with doing what you love the most, right?
So here is the deal. We will postponed all contests for the indefinite time and will be doing limited, or with other words, we will be doing contests randomly, from time to time, like exclusives up on our page. I think this will be much better and maybe at least a few of you guys out there will enter them and compete for some cash prizes.
Till the first one we wish you all the best with riding your bikes and keep on shredding and progressing and don’t forget to have fun with it.



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