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Open Dutch Championship 2013 At Helm Trails

Already dropped one edit from the Open Dutch Championship 2013 that took place at the Helm trail in Netherlands, on May 5th, but I don’t mind posting another one. This day was pretty much a huge success, good weather, good riders, good times, you don’t need more. Filmed and edited by Ryan Verhagen. Find results after the jump.

-13 Class:
1- Jocki de Groot
2. Jordy Burnhenne
3. Jarno Henraat
4. Noah Van Stokkum
5. Rowen Driessen
6. Philip de Jong
6. Sylvano Verhoeven
7. Titamba Jensen

13+ Class:
1. Kenneth Tancre
2. Desmond Tessemaker
3. Dimitris Araouzos
4. Sven Grieten
5. Dennis Keunen
6. Daniel Wedemeijer
6. Tom Selbeck
7. Paul Thoelen



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