Your Opinion Counts

Because all of you are part of mellonBMX we would like to ask you for your opinion about next contest:
The Best Photo contest will be up soon and because we will try to do it a bit differently this time we would like to describe it first.
You will once again post your photos on mellonBMX facebook page but we will download every single photo and put each one into a single post into our new category on mellonBMX (Best Photo). We will then send the link back to you so you can start getting “like’s”. Please note that only like’s on the web page will count (each post will have it’s like counter, just like every single post on the blog has one). After the contest is over page will be taken off the site and votes will be counted. We are trying this new thing because we wan’t to have better control and would like to ensure there is no more “like’s” after the contest is over.

Please write your opinions about this in comments on our Facebook page.
Thank you for taking your time!



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