Orchid On Van Homan’s Departure

“You may have heard by now that Van Homan has moved on to greener pastures, or so they say. For the first time in 14 years we won’t be working together in some form or fashion. I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks for everything, but that would hardly sum up how I feel. Van has been like a little brother to me since we first met back in 1996. We’ve been through a lot more than the typical sponsor/sponsoree relationship. We’ve been room mates, travel companions, band mates, partners in crime, trail digging buddies, best man (yikes), but most of all, good friends for 16 years. Through all of that, we built a bmx empire together complete with indoor bowls and poker lounges. We’ve kinda done it all, it’s been a wild ride. As with any brothers we might not always agree or see eye to eye, but in the end we both know we love each other. And honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to being back where we started. No expectations, no business stuff confusing anything, kind of the way it should be. I’m just glad we made it through to the other side. One day hopefully we’ll have stories to tell the grand kids.”– Derek Adams

“PS: and to the dudes who snatched him up, you made a good investment. Just take care of my little bro or I’ll fuck you up.”



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