Pepsi Evolution BMX Jam 12

“Biggest BMX competition in Slovenia. 1.000€ Prize money + 1.000€ STUFF!
This is the third time that we are organizing the event and the second time it will be held in the biggest outdoor skatepark in Slovenia, with additional extensions and futures.
This year, besides the Evolution BMX and all the rest of Slovenian riders, we invited a lot of international teams and riders to perform and participate.
During the day there will be a DJ rocking the turntable, while the riders perform crazy tricks in the park. In the mean time you can see all the new stuff from the BMX world at the Evolution BMX booth.
Behind the mic we will have a legend speaker with coolest mustache style – Filip Flisar.
Around the skatepark we will provide shadow for the spectators and special riders area with comfy seatings, free food and drinks and beautiful girls 😉
More info coming soon!
After the event all the riders will be invited to the official afterparty! Entry for spectators: FREE. You can sign up for the event at the Entry fee for competitors who sign up till 20th of June = 5€, after 20th of June and on the event day = 8€.
With paying the entrance fee you will get:
– free drinks,
– 2 coupons for Hot Dog,
– free entry to the official after party,
– beanie PEBJ12!
More info will be soon online on”



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