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Best Photo Contest Part 3 – Win $50

We are organizing the third random best photo contest, check out the winners from the first and second contest. The rules are pretty much the same as last time, only this time you will send your photo to (In subject write this: Best Photo, Your Name. Otherwise photos won’t be accepted)

Send photo of yourself being on your BMX bike, doing a trick or just something that is connected with BMX (you do not have to make a new photo for this contest, just use the one that you already have). Every single photo will be put into a single post into our Best Photo category on mellonBMX titled with your name. The reason why you need to send your name with your photo is that when the contest will started you will come to our site, write your name in the search bar and you will get the post with your photo. Please be patient because maybe it will take some time before we post your photo up on our site – this is why contest will last for 10 days. Only one photo per contester counts. You can start getting “like’s” from your friends and family or just anyone you know right after the contest starts. Please note that only Facebook “like’s” on the web page will count (each post will have it’s like counter, just like every single post on the blog has one). The photo with most “like’s” will win the contest. If there will be more than one winner, we will make a poll and you will vote for the best one. After the contest is over photos will be taken off the site and votes will be counted.

Contest will be open for everyone and will last for 11 days from Wednesday, June 1st 00:01 (am) PDT till Saturday, June 11th 23:59 (pm) PDT California, Los Angeles.
You can start sending photos right away but they will be up on Wednesday.

If there will be less then 5 competitors, contest will be canceled. We will announce the winner two hours after the contest is finished.
The winner will be awarded with $50. The prize will be payed via Paypal, so make sure you have an open account on Paypal or someone from your parents or friends have one.



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