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Poh Wei Heng Bike Check

Check Poh Wei Heng’s parts list after the jump.

Frame: Mutiny Rune
Bar: Mutiny Midroids
Forks: Mutiny Wands
Stem: Mutiny Top Load Stem
Grips: Duo Bohan
Headset: Mestic
Seat: Kink Sexton
Seat Post: Stolen S.I.C. Pivotal Seatpost
Cranks: Demolition Medial 2.0
Bottom Bracket: Fit
Sprocket: Odyssey
Pedals: Stolen Thermalite
Rims (Front / Rear): Superstar / Odyssey 7KA
Hubs (Front / Rear): Mestic/ Kink Incite Cassette Hub
Tires (Front / Rear): Kink Lyra / Cult Dehart
Spokes: Primo / Primo
Chain: Budget
Pegs: United Squad
Brake: Brakeless
Seat Clamp: Integrated



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