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Posse Up Video Contest

Posse Up Video Contest Promo from Neon Media on Vimeo.

“The premise of an online video contest is nothing new. From Groundtactics to TheHunt, we’ve seen many online video contests focused solely on the individual rider.
What the Posse Up Video Contest is about is representing your crew, your scene, your city, your posse. Flatland BMX is already individual enough, and it is my opinion that not enough effort is put into representing and portraying BMX as something beyond just riding a parking lot or a curb by yourself. We aren’t all loners, and it’s time to prove it. As bmxers, we live to ride, party, and get wild with their friends. Our goal here is to push the scenes and crews to unite around the world and show each other what they are truly about. Who’s posse is the biggest, the baddest, the sickest, or the craziest? It’s time to find out.”
Posse Up.



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