Praying For Matt Ortiz

Matt Ortiz, North Carolina based shredder, has pneumonia in both lungs and is right now at the Duke University Hospital under drugs and medical care. Please, show some support, share your best wishes, prayers by liking the Facebook page and also follow all the updates. Stay strong Matt.



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  1. Yo Matt!
    Hey man, I don’t know if you remember me, but I’m John Clement, Jeff and Barbara Clement’s oldest son. My twin brother James used to babysit you guys back in the day!! But man, my Mom, and the internet is saying you’ve got a bit of a bad hand here lately, and I really hope you get better…
    I’ve been in some really tough spots like yourself… and I’ve been stuck in the basement at Duke with neurosurgeons, and to be honest as bad as it sounds, if anywhere in the entire world, you are probably in the best spot lil dood!
    I’m actually battling MRSA Staph right now!! this very second!! And in 10 mins i’m rescheduling doctor appointments for today, and finally after multiple ER visits, I got accepted to see a specialist…
    I’ve had staph for over a year!! I have got to say i don’t wish it on anyone! It is terrible and brings me very very very low and sad and just completely zaps me out of energy, which isn’t like me. But at the end of everyday I’m glad I got to live it! And I’m thankful for getting to be with the ones I love, and be surrounded by people that care for me. I hope you realize people love you too!
    I’ve been hospitalized and had surgery from Staph and I’m still taking heavy doses of antibiotics, the future is unknown and I don’t know if i will ever beat it, but I’m thankful to be alive and sharing this with you. I know you’ll pull through! you’re a strong dood, and you’ll be back on that bike in no time flat. Keep your head up!!
    -John Clement

    • Hey!
      Thanks for sharing this with us John. Just a suggestion, write this also on their Facebook page, I think it will mean Matt and his family and friends a lot.

  2. go check out matts last edit! Me him and a few others shot this just weeks before this.

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