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Props Visual/Chris Rye Interview

Props Visual

Defgrip’s got a great interview from Props Visual’s Chris Rye. You’ll find a lot of good informations about Props video magazine, how it came out, how this was first racing only magazine and a lot more. Go over to Defgrip to read it.

“I met the guys from Props at SCRAP skatepark sometime in the early 90?s, and developed a friendship with them, as we, the FBM crew, travelled congruently, to places like Rampage in Davenport Iowa, or the Nationals in South Park, or contests like Mat Hoffman’s BS series, in places like Kansas City or Daytona Beach Florida. All of us armed with meager budgets, over packed hatchbacks, and a sense to explore and document what we were doing. Some 17 or 18 years later, I still stay in touch with Marco, Chris, and Stew Johnson, who was originally part of our traveling band of gypsies, is now the man behind the lens at Props.

I don’t know off hand how many Props trips, between Mega Tour, Road Fools, and FBM parties I have been on, but we are about to embark on another Mega Tour, with the guys, and I am still Stoked. BMX is an awesome party, and having friends like the Props guys, has made it amazing. The opportunities, events, and good times the guys have given us are unreal, and they have done so much more for BMX over all. Thanks guys…” – Steve Crandall



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