QBP Begins Distributing Subrosa

These are some big news for Subrosa. QBP will be distribution everything made by Subrosa, compelte bikes, frames, forks, handlebars, components and apparel, starting this summer.
“QBMX is extremely proud to finally, and officially, let the cat out of the bag. We had been talking and working with Subrosa to add their products to our catalog and come mid June we will start seeing their products available for bike shops to order. Awesome!
What does that mean? Well, it means Subrosa is more accessible now. More bikes shops have the ability to bring this kick ass product into their store for their costumers. Whether you’re a bike shop, consumer, hater, lover, rider, or all-around-nice-person… go to Subrosa’s website and check out all the cool stuff we’re going to be bringing in… then get ready to pick some of it up really soon!”
– Glenn Dussl
“Thanks guys! We’re looking forward to this partnership as well. The biggest part being that Subrosa will now be available to many more shops, and riders. I’m so happy to work with people that want to help spread the word about Subrosa and BMX in such a positive way, and that’s exactly what QBP is about. Combining their efforts with sSubrosa Brand’s current U.S.A. distro, Sparky’s Distribution, it will soon be even easier for everyone from out loyal fans, to brand new riders, to pick up some great Subrosa products.”– Ryan Sher



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