R.I.P. Mike Tag By Zack Phillips

Below are some words and memories from Zack Phillips, the man behind the scenes at Kink and Blackout Distribution.
“I don’t remember the exact day I met Mike but it was probably in 1994 when I was 16 and at the local “apple bake off” jam we had in Rochester when I met the whole FBM crew. I quickly noticed his personality and riding ability and added him to the Kink team.
Soon after we ended up going on many road trips together. Going to the early years of the X-Games, Hoffman contests in Chicago and Florida and lots of trips to PA trails. I remember running out of gas on the side of the highway, him stealing girls that I was talking to all night and our long talks about bmx while driving. On one of those talks came to the idea of ¼” thick sprocket. It’s hard to image but at that time all sprockets were 1/8” think and bending on us.
So many good stories.
R.I.P. and looking forward to more long talks again.”
– Zack Phillips.



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