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Ramp Rats – Last Dance Highlights

On July 19th, 2013 the Last Dance jam went down at the Ramp Rats indoor skatepark, to gather as many riders as possible, for one last session at the park. It sucks that the locals lost a place to ride like Ramp Rats was. Check the highlights above and read words from Nick Noble below.
“Ramp Rats was one of my favorite spots ever. No Matter when you wanted a good session, being a fun jib sesh, or to put in some serious work, Ramp Rats was the spot.
There was some amazing contests at Rats, when every shredder in Nor Cal, and even from other states would show up. But not for the prize money, they would show just because the riders knew everyone was gonna do some big, crazy stunts!
It lasted so many years and we’re all sad to see it go. Mike Kranaich kept it going with his own money when times were slow and the park couldn’t pay for itself. Thanks Mike! Nor Cal had a blast with Ramp Rats and its greatness! I for sure won’t ever forget it.”



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