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Recon Tour Windells Camp, OR

Windells Camp, OR was the final stop of the Recon Tour and here are the video highlights from the contest. The concrete park is amazing, the temperatures were low, so riders had a good day for riding their bikes. It was an intense competition, but it was Adam Piatek who won it and became one of ten riders who will go to Florida to compete against the best athletes that the Recon Tour has to offer.
Full results after the jump

Play open final results:
1. Adam Piatek
2. Sebastian Smith
3. Derek Kenny

16+ final results:
1- Nic Hilton
2. Chase Lightner
3. Jordan Smiles

13-15 final results:
1. Justin Haberlock Bates
2. Brian Vazquez
3. Christian Mosher

12 & under final results:
1. Lochlainn O’Leary
2. Brandon Giese
3. Jack Wagner



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