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Off The Record With Cody Lesveque

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“Cody has been around the Huntington Beach BMX scene for a while now, but only until recently has he popped up in magazines and web edits. Switching between BMX and skateboarding might have something to do with that, but in his BMX/Skate split section he dropped for Hurley and Cult, Cody showed the world that you can shred both and make it look good. If you missed it, check it out here and get with the program. In this episode of Off The Record, Cody Lesveque talks about growing up in Huntington Beach with Dak, filming for the Cult video, riding and skating, knocking out his teeth three times, and flying under the radar when citations get handed out. Look for Cody to be rocking Hurley gear all this year.”– Justin Kosman



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