Red Bull Flow App

I am sure plenty of you out there are already using the Red Bull Flow application, but lets us say a few words about it.
The application was made for an iPhone and Android using BMX riders and skateboarders. I know, you will now ask, why the heck do I need another app for capturing moving images if I have Instagram and Vine which are offering this exact same thing.
I tell you why. With Red Bull Flow you will not only capture clips, but you will also threw them together in an edit. Yep, simple as that, no more heavy equipment, just your phone and you are done. OK, of course we are not talking about making professional videos, but ones that you can share with your friends, to show them your progression, or maybe even send as a sponsor me tape (companies like raw clips of you, not those fancy edited). For example, Peter Adam, one of UK’s best film maker, made a short clip using the Red Bull Flow app and the final products is simply amazing.

“We were tasked to build Red Bull Flow to be the best way for BMXers and Skateboarder to share their tricks,” says Jonathan Attenborough of Sidekick Studios, who designed the app. “Individual clips are filmed and uploaded with the app. Clips are tagged with the rider, trick and spot. The app then creates edits by stitching the clips together around a tag – which we call Flows. It is pretty exciting because the app can make lots of different films depending on the tags.”

Don not wait, download it to your smart phone and start having fun with it and your friends and see who can film and “edit” the best video clip.



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