Red Bull – Trick Or Treat 2011

“Sure to be the highlight of Halloween weekend, Red Bull Trick or Treat will give Brooklynites a front row seat to watch BMX street riders take on the night. On Saturday, October 29th, 32 of the most core and respected BMX riders in the country will gather at Newtown Barge Park for a contest that will be full of tricks, and for the rider that survives til the end, some much deserved treats.

Local BMX Pro rider Edwin De La Rosa helped to put together a list of the 32 most bad to the bone riders in street. The new contest format is “Live or Die” where heats of 6 riders will compete, with only the top 2 living to the next round, followed by a two heat semifinal and an all-out 6 rider final. Red Bull Trick or Treat will feature Halloween themed obstacles in a graveyard layout, with grindable coffin boxes, a tombstone vert wall, a curved grim reaper rail box, and a 32 foot long cross box, all custom painted by Ryan Humphrey.

With the Manhattan skyline in the background, fans will be witness to truly authentic street riding by some of the most respected riders in the industry including Scotty Cranmer, Corey Martinez, Brad Simms, Bruno Hoffmann, Dakota Roache, Jarod Washington, Mike Brennan, Dave Belcher, Auggie Simoncini, Tony Hamlin, Garrett Hoogerhyde, and Dan Lacey with more to be announced.

There will be treats better than candy for some lucky fans. During the contest there will be a raffle for a new Kink bike, DC gift certificates and Edwin will personally donate his bike at the end of the event to the raffle.

The event is free for all ages, and will feature beats by DJ Yamez, in partnership with The Open Space Alliance for North Brooklyn and DC Shoes, Kink, Skavenger, Animal, and Post Bikes. Costumes are encouraged for both riders and onlookers.”Red Bull.



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