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Relentless NASS Pro Park Qualifying Video & Results

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Day 2 of Relentless Enery Drink NASS is over. Unfortunately dirt and street still didn’t happen because of the rain, so riders were warming up the crowd inside. Here are the highlights featuring some crazy riding from Mike Miller, Matt Priest, Kyle Baldock, Harry Main, Mark Webb, Ben Hennon, Kevin Peraza and more. Get results after the jump.

Also check bellow some clips from qualifying along with insights from Relentless riders Lima, Matt priest and Bjorn Mager.

2012 Relentless NASS Pro Park Results:
1. Kyle Baldock
2. Kevin Perazza
3. Harry Main
4. Todd Meyn
5. Alex Coleborn
6. Daniel Sandoval
7. Mark Webb
8. Matt Whyatt
9. Andrew Ahumada
10. Jack Watts
11. Jack Clarke
12. Luke Padgett
13. Matt Priest
14. Ondra Slez
15. Ben Hennon
16. Dean Cueson
17. Lima
18. Big Daddy
19. Greg Illingworth
20. Sergej Geier



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