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Ride To Glory 2013 – Team Chillingspree

Luke Santucci, Drew Morton, James Dean, Carl Arnett, Riley McMaster and Thomas Arden from team Chillingspree are the unofficial Ride To Glory 2013 entry with some serious challenges that they accomplished and failed. Try checking which challenges they set themselves after the jump and that click on the play button.

-Barspin in the kitchen
-shirtless tom for one week
-chug 2L choco milk
-roof gap
-feeble a rail
-ice a rail
-rail hop
-water gap
-tuck nohander off a ledge
-ride up 16 stairs
-hit a curved wall
-crossdress at the skatepark
-do a 720
feeble a vert quarter
-360 a spine
-shirtless tom tree ride
-one more try from security
-chug a 40
-girl in bikini on bike
-eleven burgs in 10 mins
-double a cowgirl 2 blocks
-longest skid (1433feet)
-Hill Bomb
-ride an escalator
-paint hair green
-shave head
-roof drop attempt
-ice a ledge
-hop a bum
-eat a banana in one bite
-Gap to wall/ build something in a random public spot
-2 day road trip
-non local park
-barspin on a train
-360 off a rail
-180 a rail
-barspin 3+ stairs
-whip a hip/ ride a ditch spot
-jump 12+ stairs
-table a dirt jump
-180 crankspin/ build a kicker and hit it
-paint your bike pink
-360 a train platform
– barspin a spine
-ice a rail in the rain
-180 biggest stair (12)
-biggest rail hop
-deskate a spot
-biggest water gap
-group shotgun
-20 photos on instagram @smokecrackandworshipsanta @carl_arnett @nobummers @imdru
-50 foot rail (instagram)
-more boobs (instagram)
-sticker a nipple(instagram)
-topless bike chick (instagram)
-Kiss a butt (instagram)



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