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Rob DiQuattro’s Camera Bag

Scott Marceau recently caught up with Rob DiQuattro, during a trip they took with car, to show you guys what Rob has in his camera bag. There sure is not only camera equipment, so click play and find out what else he has in there.
“Apollo bag
Main camera: sony xr-160 with century optics baby death
Secondary camera: sony xr-160 (if my step dad lets me borrow it), or otherwise sony vx1000
Cliff jumping camera: GoPro
Mad batteries
Wall charger for xr-160
1 micro hard body tripod
1 micro flex tripod
Tennis ball
Animal tool
Shadow chain tool
Extra socks (to cushion camera gear)
External iPhone battery
Lens cloth and what not
Dramamine and ibuprofen
Flannel and hoody stuffed into outside pouch (LARGE TALL).”



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