Robbie Pickard Memorial Jam

Luke Bull is organizing a jam in the name of Robbie Pickard, to bring together riders and friends to remember him and to show support.
“I am organizing an event for a local melton rider who sadly past away feb 24th. before robbie died he kept going on about having a massive jam at our local Melton Mowbray skatepark. i want this jam to be so crazy! and raise money for some special for Robbie. something we can remember him by.. like a massive spray painting of him on the side of the ramps because skatepark was like his home. he just loved riding his BMX. this event will be free to get in. there will be shops where you can buy clothes,food and drink ect. all profit will go into the robbie fund. lets make this a day to remember! lots of sponsors attending also! this event will be ran smoothly with BMX, skate, scootering competitions with great prizes! please tell your friends about this and invite anyone! more people = more money for Robbie. so come on lets make Robbie smile in heaven and do him proud.
Sponsors so far- Scoot Mag,Terminal 1,Milk, Tempest,
Many Pros Attending!
Even if you Don’t want to Ride the park there is still a massive field for spectating and buckets for donations!”



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