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RTRBTN 2.5 – Worst Case Scenario

“The final RTRBTN video offering, RTRBTN 2.5 comprises of the footage we were initially collecting for RTRBTN3 between 2006-2008. We ultimately decided to just release it online, hence the title ‘Worst Case Scenario.’ RTRBTN 2.5 ‘Special Edition’ was also released on hand numbered DVDs which contained crashes, the trailer, (made at which point the video was to be called RTRBTN 3), Dean Bishop’s Rap School featurette, a remix of highlights of the previous 2005 RTRBTN DVD, The Secret’, The 2006 B Footage Download Remix (which can be found on YouTube) and a Tommy Boyd memorial section, as Tom tragically passed away shortly after the online release.
RTRBTN 2.5 is still one of my favourite videos, and reminds me of all the great times that the crew spent together around the UK between Fareham, Portsmouth, Eastbourne, Leeds, Doncaster and Newcastle during that time. Sometimes it’s only when something is over when you realise how f*cking awesome it actually was…A huge belated thanks to all involved, especially all of the original Fareham residents.
Featuring sections from: Ricki Tribble, Buzzard, James Cox, Pud Williams, Cleggy Rowlands, Benny Jones, Cookie, Matchow Williams, James Newrick, Farren Downes and Tommy Boyd.”
– James Cox



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