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Scootie Welcome To Tree Flow

Welcome to the flow team Scootie from Tree Bicycle Co. on Vimeo.

“I met Scootie a few years ago back in the college days. He came up on this sweet mint green S3, but all I can remember is how ratty his pedals sounded. These things were toast; I didn’t know what to expect. He proceeded to show me over the next 5 or 6 years how he can make the most of any setup on any bike, but also how there’s so much more to BMX than riding. I’ve been in some of the most interesting and most memorable situations with this dude, whether it be camping in the middle of nowhere or cruising the Atlanta streets. He always has a good story to tell, and if you hang out long enough, you’re sure to become a part of one. Congrats!”Tree.



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