Scotty Cranmer Off Felt Bikes

Now this is big. For the year 2013 Scotty Cranmer will no longer ride for his long time sponsor Felt Bikes. Read below, what Alan has to say about it.
“This one is a tough one to write…. After a great 9.5 years Felt Bikes and Scotty Cranmer have decided not to renew for 2013, nothing big happened, no drama, just a decision that had to be made and both sides are good with each other. When I first saw him at Metro Jam in 2003 I knew he was special and something I wanted Felt to be a part of, no one can argue that over the years he has proven to be one of the greats in this thing we call BMX. Contest medals, game changing edits, insane ads and memories of a kid having fun on his bike will be remembered forever, I am glad I got to be a part of it. Scotty and his family are good people and people I plan to stay in contact with for a long time, Felt and I personally wish him the best in his next steps which I am sure will be announced soon.”– Alan Foster, Felt Bikes.



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