Scotty Cranmer On Snafu

Scotty Cranmer On Snafu
After leaving Felt Bikes, I knew that, now 26 year old, Scotty Cranmer will soon get support from another company. I did not actually had a clue which company could it be, but we were not waiting long since Hyper Bicycles hit us up very soon to announce that Scotty is their newest addition to the team. Now a new good news dropped, straight from Matt “The Beard” Bischoff. After riding twelve years for Snafu, Matt is now brand’s team manager and he is really proud to announce Scotty Cranmer as part of their 2013 team. Here a are few words coming from Matt’s mouth, “I am proud to announce the addition of Scotty Cranmer to the Snafu team for 2013! I met Scotty years ago on a road trip when Scotty opened up his park after hours for us. Scotty has deep roots in BMX and his riding style comes from a combination of his BMX racing background mixed with years of riding one of the best parks on the East Coast, The Incline Club. Scotty supports BMX through and through by owning his own park as well as SC Action Sports Bike shop,” he also adds, “plain and simple, Scotty Cranmer is a Bad Ass!”
I know this means a very busy year for Scotty, but I know he will enjoy 2013 as much as possible.
“2013 is starting off as a great year for me! The good just keeps on coming in and this time I get to tell the BMX world that I have officially joined the Snafu team. Snafu has been a top notch company since I started riding the skatepark and it’s an awesome feeling to be a part of the brand now. There are so many amazing things that we have planned for the future, I am just so pumped that I am brought on board for the ride!”Scotty Cranmer

Almost forgot to say it, Scotty riding 3 (or 4 pegs) and brakeless?



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