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Sean Ricany Going Crazy Technical For 2014 Primo Promo

This new Sean Ricany 2014 promotional edit for Primo will literally blow you away, since it includes a good amount on really insane riding. I don’t exactly know how old Sean is, but he is still a young gun and he is killing it so freaking hard on a BMX bike. Earlier we saw Chad Kerley’s new edit for Primo, which was madness and now this. Sean Ricany is a technical wizard who is no stranger to go big and pulling stuff you usually do not see pulled. Now whee to start. A quick nose manual to barspin down a ledge? Up double peg grind gap toothpick grind? Those are two of many of super mad moves. And then the banger… Toothpick to over icepick to barspin out on a rail down stairs. This is just nuts and you will do crime if you do not watch Ricany killing it right now.
Filmed by Miles Rogoish, Ty Morrow, Aaron Brenner and Tony Ennis. Edited by Miles Rogoish and Aaron Brenner.

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