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Off To The Seaside…

Hey guys! I went to the sea side of Slovenia till April 30th. My Internet connection is very slow over here, so there wont be much updates in the blog category. I will try to put up the news for you guys in the morning or if I will find a decent wireless connection in one of the local pubs over the day. But guys submit your videos, you don’t have much time till the start of the contests. Sorry if I will not send you back an email right away, but I will do it on Saturday. Thanks, Rok
For everyone who don’t know who is standing behind mellonBMX read more and find out.

There is no company behind it. It is only me, Rok Krivec, who started it, because I wanted to do something different for BMX community. For all you guys here is my latest video they I made in the name of my sponsors Animal Bikes, Carhartt, Evolution BMX and S&M. Thank you guys for supporting me!

Rok Krivec-EVT from Evolution BMX on Vimeo.



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  1. Great video also keep up the good work with mellonbmx:)

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